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re: building cheap water collection surface?
17 jun 2004
brent geery   wrote:

>i can get some cheap desert land in an area i really like, but the
>problem is access to water.  the ground water in the ares i'm
>interested all have very poor water quality.  either very brackish, or
>very deep down (400+ ft).  it would cost me about $15,000 to get
>drinkable ground water if i went that route.
>one other solution could be collecting rain water, but we are talking
>an arid region, with about 4" average yearly precipitation...

if there's lots of sun, why not distill the water you drink in
a greenhouse and filter the rest through a high-temp wetland
in the greenhouse that serves as the evaporator?

if it's really a desert, you may be able to use night ventilation
and indoor thermal mass instead of a swamp cooler, although you could
make a swamp cooler with a small indoor wetland and a small fan to 
bring in some outdoor air, given a house with lots of insulation
and airtightness. 


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