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re: btu versus tons
24 jun 2004
gerry   wrote:

>>>>no. a btu is a unit of energy, which has nothing to do with time.
>>>>a ton is a measure of heat power, ie a rate of energy flow over time.
>>>asa used in the hvac industry, both are power, that is they have ebergy
>>>tranfered over a time period.
>>asa misused :-) we still need an ebergy unit to talk about things like
>>storing coolth overnight in an ice tank or the heating value of
>>a gallon of oil...
>i see, a moronic idiot with nothing better to do... if you has stopped
>with the ":-)" i might feel otherwise. it's amazing how many morons never
>consider that somebody might have a vision impairment and cut some slack
>for a bad night.

on the internet, nobody knows you are blind :-)

congrats on your (spellchecker?) improved paragraph. 

>>would you use the same unit for an air conditioner rating?
>>no. that's really btu per hour.
>however true that all units are commonly explicitly used in engineering
>and science, in common field practice, time units are commonly implied
>with heating & cooling devices.

sure... and landscapers need so many "yards" of dirt, and
"pv consultant" george ghio measures resistors in amps...
but it's still wrong, wrong, wrong.


it's a snap to save energy in this country. as soon as more people
become involved in the basic math of heat transfer and get a gut-level,
as well as intellectual, grasp on how a house works, solution after
solution will appear.
                                        tom smith, 1980

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