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re: charge fridge(with ice) not batteries?
25 jun 2004
richard j komp  writes:

dear everybody,
     what about using a cold plate?  this is a fancy stainless steel
version of the blue phase-change packs you buy at the discount house and
put in the bottom of your styrofoam cooler to keep your six-pack cold. 
they have the advantage of "freezing" well below 0 c so your ice cream
will stay somewhat harder.  here in maine you can buy a kit from danforth
with one of their compressors already hooked up to the cold plate with
quick disconnect fittings, already charged with ozone-safe refrigerant. 
they aren't cheap; but this was the basis of an experimental refrigerator
made for nasa.  i worked on this refrigerator at a squatter settlement in
south africa as part of the troubleshooting lessons when i was teaching a
pv course down there.   the idea is to have a refrigerator that runs
directly from a pv array without any batteries.  the refrigerator has a
"proprietary" electronic circuit that was basically a set of big
capacitors and a trigger circuit to dump the current from them through
the compressor motor to get it started in the morning.  the problem with
the system was that they had installed the pv array facing due west
instead of due north (this is the southern hemisphere) because they
didn't have enough electric wire to reach the north facing part of the
roof.  the system ran fine every afternoon just before sundown.
   see you in portland,

richard komp phd. president
maine solar energy association
17 rockwell rd se, jonesport me 04649

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