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re: shade for air conditioner?
21 jul 2004
cbhvac  wrote:
>> >> >> >...rainwater does contain minerals.
>> >>
>> >> would you care to name these rainwater minerals? :-)
>> >
>> >i would not be worried about the minerals...
>> ...since they don't exist :-)
>depending on the part of the country you are in..they do.

sedona? :-) very mysterious.

>> > i would be nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides, and the carbon dioxide
>> >and goodies it picks up as it falls... thats just what i want on my
>> >aluminum coils....acid.... i mean...obviously you have never seen a coil
>> >where a dog likes to piss on it...

>>haven't seen anything like that in several years, with a few limestone
>>rocks in my rainwater tank. we only need ac for a few weeks per year in
>>phila. in arizona, continuous sprinkling for years degraded fin-to-tube
>>connections in one system, galvanically. nothing to do with minerals, but
>>a concern, after 50k(?) hours of use.

maybe that az system had al fins on cu tubing, vs al on al for my ac.
i just measured the tank ph... between neutral and "weakly acid" (6)
on fischer alkacid test paper ("successor to litmus paper.") hard to
read, between orange (neutral) and "slightly brownish orange."
>i replaced about 100 fairly new units out in the desert that were shot in
>under 5 years due to that.

...100 people rainwatered their coils in the desert?

>i have replaced more than that due to mineral loading on the coil back when
>a pos device called "the ac buddy" was designedand sold out that way.
>it was basically a set of large misting nozzles, with a trim ring that went
>around the top of the unit, and connected to the local water supply...

a "local water" heater in phoenix might last 5 years...

>ruined a unit in short order..short like in some cases under a year.

with local vs rainwater...

>> >water on the coils screws up the charge balance, and while it seems like
>> >a good idea, if you want a water source ac, go geothermal...
>>that's a lot more expensive. professor d. y. goswami at ufl/gainesville
>>measured a 22% increase in cop by swamp cooling an outdoor coil. rainwater
>>trickling is cheaper and seems to do better, by cooling the coil directly
>>instead of the air surrounding it. my $10 10 watt harbor freight fountain
>>pump reduces my window ac power consumption from 1050 to 950 w (including
>>the pump) and lowers the cold air outlet temp by 10 f.
>there is a guy down south that has a pad that goes around the coil, and uses
>the same principle.

cooling the air vs the coil, a la goswami?

>he has declined to supply any 3rd party testing, or, to allow any 3rd party
>testing. if you ask most ac builders, you will find that damage to other
>parts, with an improper set up can happen as well. the biggest issue is
>flooding the compressor after you drop the pressures, and dont have the
>charge adjusted, and you freeze the evap...

haven't seen that.

>something like you advocate, while a good idea in theory, may allow on a
>large scale more issues than it helps.

anything's possible.


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