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re: why are the hvac group posters such aholes?
31 jul 2004
don ocean   wrote:

>>>"this unmoderated group is for discussion of heating, ventilating, air
>>>conditioning (hvac) and refrigeration issues.  discussion from the
>>>viewpoint of researchers, engineers and technicians involved in the
>>>research, design, specification, control, construction, operation and
>>>maintenance of hvac topics is encouraged."
>> so nothing says homeowner questions are unwelcome. we can use this
>> group however we like, despite the few assholes and hvac criminals
>> who would try to prevent that, having formerly posted lots of off-
>> topic stuff themselves, eg axle-breaking and hot coffee threads :-)
>...there is a possibility that your wrong

have you discovered a later charter? (hint: use "you're" above.)

>and could invite massive postings from your beloved homeowners and the net
>public in general.

god no. the great unwashed. the simple truth is that anyone is free to post
in these newsgroups :-)

btw, having already claimed that we have one, you may be pleased to learn
that we are moving towards a us national building code, with about 46 states
signed on so far.


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