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re: cool me down
22 aug 2004
anthony matonak   wrote:

>papapeng wrote:
>> ...the frugal way may be to get a cheap oscillating table fan and
>> perhaps put a block of ice infront of it.  else rig up some form of
>> water spray to blow into the fan's airstream.  i don't know how the
>> spray part will come out in humid air but its an easy and cheap
>> experiment to try out.
>you are describing an evaporative cooler with the water spray.
>they only really work in very dry environments and even then they
>max out at some 20 deg f drop in temperature, usually much less.

where does the op live? evaporation works in any climate with an rh less
than 100%. an indirect system might cool air without adding humidity.

>my suggestion is to get an ac. small window units are available for
>around $100 new (sometimes less)...

i noticed $53 for 5000 btu/h at a local walmart.

>a ceiling fan will also help as they can drop the perceived temp
>another 3 or 4 degrees f.

or more, naked right under a ceiling fan, or shivering under a wet sheet.

>if you really want to get extreme then you can build yourself a box with
>lots of insulation, a little ventilation through a heat exchanger...

if the box were small, you wouldn't need much insulation
or an air-air heat exchanger.

>and a small heat pump, air conditioner or large blocks of ice.
>it would be a bit like an oversize coffin with a mattress inside.

i saw something like this at a colonial museum. the loved one rested
in a coffin with his face and shoulders exposed to the room, but the
rest of his body was under a copper ice tray built into the lid. the 
top of the lid looked conventional, black, over the ice tray.

you might build a larger version of this, say 4'x8'x4' tall, with 1"
double-foil foamboard sides and a layer of water instead of ice on top,
over a layer of polyethylene film over welded-wire fencing. the water
could cool the box as it evaporates, while 15 cfm of dryer air from the
room flowed under the water layer and then into the box. for additional
cooling, we might evaporate more water into the air in the box.

with a quilt on top, this might also help with frugal heating in wintertime,
as in old swedish bedchambers or thomas jefferson's limited-volume sleeping
compartments at monticello. with two people inside, the bedchamber air might
be 30+500xr7/160ft^2 = 52 f in a 30 f room, comfy, under another quilt.


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