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re: whole house humidifiers
2 sep 2004
don  wrote:

>i have seen those humidifers that add humidity to the house in winter.
>i live in kentucky. (almost in tennessee). do these things work well?
>i have heard they let you run your thermostat a little lower.

true, but they are a net heat loss unless you live in a very airtight house. 

>i also read they can use 18 gallons of water a day which would add to the
>water bill.

and the heating bill. evaporating 18 gallons of water takes about
8.33x18x1000 = 150k btu of heat, maybe $3 per day, with propane.
>my main concern is i have a newborn and supposedly keeping a high
>humidity level in your house makes it less likely for people to get
>sick and decreases respiratory problems along with keeping you skin
>from drying out.

...40% rh is nice for health.

>is it bad to have too much humidity inside?

...60% may be too much. mold, mildew, condensation on windows...

>do they make a humidifer/dehumidifer for the whole house?
>what this be beneficial?

yes and no. plants and people and their activities naturally evaporate
water. caulking a house to raise humidity seems like a much better way. 


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