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re: is my builder shafting me with the ac unit he selected?
8 sep 2004
bill   wrote:

>> american mechanical  wrote:
>> > could stfu and let those from that group respond here in the
>> >appropriate forum rather than send this person to the wrong ng.
>> there's nothing wrong with asking hvac questions in hvac groups.

except in the minds of the arrogant lots who wrongly claim otherwise :-)

>> here's one for you:
>> greg  wrote:
>> >i am looking for something a little more efficient than a clothes line.
>> >has anyone seen plans for some closed loop dryer that can cope with the
>> >rh you see in the sub tropics?
>> how about a little greenhouse? hang a piece of plastic over an ew line
>> between two poles, then string another line below it. leave the ends of
>> the tent mostly open.
>> how open? if they are completely closed, the water vapor never escapes.
>> if they are completely open, the greenhouse adds nothing, compared to
>> a clothesline.
>nick you are a fucktard. sci.engr heat-vent-ac. keep your moaners shit 
>in where it belongs.

who says? :-)

you are also invited to answer this hvac science and engineering question. 
be sure to compare the drying rate to an outdoor clothesline and include
the effects of condensation, if anticipated.


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