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re: is my builder shafting me with the ac unit he selected?
9 sep 2004
bill   wrote:

>> don ocean and and pjm are also invited to answer this hvac science and
>> engineering question. please compare the drying rate to an outdoor
>> clothesline and include the effects of condensation, if anticipated.
>> for the sake of definiteness, if greg wants to remove 12 pounds of water
>> from 12 pounds of clothes with 400 ft^2 of surface (both sides) in minimal
>> time in full sun in august in key largo, when it's 84 f and w = 0.0185, 
>> using a 16'x16' r1 greenhouse with 90% solar transmission, how many cfm
>> of outdoor air should flow through the greenhouse?
>just what makes you think sci.engr.heat-vent-ac is interested or the 
>appropriate place to discuss clothes drying?

it's a matter of basic hvac science and engineering. chapter 28 of the
ashrae applications handbook is all about drying, drying times, and so on.
the sci.engr.heat-vent-ac group should eagerly welcome such basic questions.

what are your answers?


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