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re: is my builder shafting me with the ac unit he selected?
9 sep 2004
bill   wrote:
>> where else would we discuss this question? :-)
>alt.clothes, for starters.

i disagree. what do they know of i. s. bowen's 1926 equation?

>> >>it's a matter of basic hvac science and engineering. chapter 28 of the
>> >>ashrae applications handbook is all about drying, drying times, and so on.
>> >>the sci.engr.heat-vent-ac group should eagerly welcome such basic 
>> >>questions.
>> >
>> >...there isn't a single mention of clothes or dryer in the 2000 version.
>> >and as far as i can tell. except for venting of a clothes dryer, there 
>> >is absolutely nothing on "drying, drying times, and so on" of clothes in 
>> >ashrae books anywhere.
>> my 1991 applications book has drying hygrometry and drying time calcs
>> on pages 28.1 and 28.2...
>> >care to explain that?
>> chapter 28 applies to all kinds of drying, as we can see from some of
>> the references, eg
>> bell, j. r., and p. grosberg. 1962. the movement of vapor and moisture
>> during the falling rate period of drying of thick textile materials.
>> journal of the textile institute, transactions 53(5):t250; abipc 33: 72
>> and nissan, ah. 1968. drying of sheet materials. textile research journal 
>> 38:447.
>clothes drying references? where are they?

see above, at the end of chapter 28. perhaps it's time to stop your silly
gatekeeper games and answer the question, if you can. if not, your silence
will suffice.

if greg wants to remove 12 pounds of water from 12 pounds of clothes with
400 ft^2 of surface (both sides) in minimal time in full sun in august in
key largo, when it's 84 f and w = 0.0185, using a 16'x16' r1 greenhouse with
90% solar transmission, how many cfm of outdoor air need flow through the
greenhouse? with no ventilation, the water vapor never escapes. too much,
and the greenhouse adds nothing, compared to a clothesline.

please compare the drying rate to an outdoor clothesline and include
the effects of condensation, if anticipated.


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