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re: venting an enclosed tv space?
9 sep 2004
steve  wrote:

>i cut a hole in a wall to insert a 27"tv. the hole aligns with a stairway on
>the other side. (about 8 steps.) so the tv fits into the empty space under
>the stairs.  its a split level house. one level in front and two levels in
>the back. 1/2 set of stairs lead down and another 1/2 set of stairs lead up.

so the top of the stairs is about 4' above the base of the tv...
>...i'm concerned with the heat generated by the tv causing the tv to overheat.

the cooler the better, but 80 f is probably ok.

>there is a large closet next to the space that i can cut a hole through...
>would i be better to pull air into the space and it would exit out the front
>around the tv? or should i turn the fan around and pull air out of the
>space, sucking air in from around the front of the tv and blowing it into
>the closet. ( the closet is always open. its got louvered bi-fold doors).

i'd cut holes into the closet near the tv base and the top of the closet.
>the opening around the tv is about 1/2" on each side and 2" on the top.

if the tv uses 150 w (512 btu/h), a 512/10 = 50 cfm airflow would make
a 10 f temp rise from 70 to 80 f... 50 cfm = 16.6asqr(4'x10f) makes
the vent area a = 0.47 ft^2, eg two 2'x3" slots. 


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