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re: ceiling fans in small rooms
9 sep 2004
betsy  wrote:

>i have a moral problem with using too much energy...

me too. our uu church is having a candlelight vigil tonight for the 1000
americans (and 1 million iraquis?) killed in our latest gulf war. skipping
the candles and standing outdoors under our 1000 watts of dusk-to-dawn
parking lot lights might be more to the point. we might even (gasp!) turn
them off tonight. our us energy appetite is a large part of the problem.
how did our oil get under their country? :-)

>...therefore i do not have, never have had, nor ever will have, air
>conditioning.  i do have it in my car, as it is more efficient to drive
>with the windows closed, but even then use the "fresh air" vent option
>as much as possible.

steve baer went all the way from albuquerque to west texas to find
a new pickup truck with no ac. he and his wife holly use 80 kwh/mo
of electricity, less than 1/10 of an average us household.

>that said, i've installed ceiling fans in most every room of both of the 
>houses i've owned over the last 17 years.  i love them...

and people feel cooler. equally comfy at 80 f with no air movement and
82.6 f with 0.5 m/s, at 60% rh, according to the ashrae 55-2004 standard,
based on worldwide surveys of over 21,000 people.

>i've learned to love to hear the outside noises.  i feel connected to the 
>world at large, and in touch with what is going on around me.  i am often 
>the first neighbor to notice a problem, as others are behind closed doors 
>and windows and hear little or nothing!
>the crickets at night and the birds in the morning are music to my ears.
>i've had a whole house exhaust fan, and it works great, too.  but it died 
>two years ago, and i've lived without it just fine.

you might replace it with grainger's $73 4tm66 16" reversible window fan, 
which moves 3290 cfm with 84.1 watts or their $183 3c614 20" window fan,
which moves 7005 cfm with 170 watts, which can capture lots of cool night
air. typical whole house fans are harder to mount, leak wintertime air, 
cost twice as much, and are half as efficient.
>btw, i'm in hot and humid baltimore, maryland.

moreso than phila, at 77.0 vs 76.7 f in july,
with average daily mins of 67.2 and 66.8...


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