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re: is my builder shafting me with the ac unit he selected?
11 sep 2004
daestrom  wrote:

>well, you have criticised me for posting about waste-water heat-exchangers 

i don't recall that. sorry. altho it's not exactly on-topic here, ie not a
"practical use of the sun's heat." it's an interesting subject, but unless
it's a part of a solar water heater or a solar-heated house, it seems to me
that there are more appropriate groups, eg mcfl or sci.engr.heat-vent-ac or btw, pe drew gillett and pe howdy reichmuth and i will
have an article on solar water heaters in the nov/dec issue of solar today,
which will appear in border's and other fine bookstores on about october 15.

>is that what you mean by 'gatekeeper' in unmoderated newsgroups?

no. the few bullys in sci.engr.heat-vent-ac are quite different. i'd like
to see more science and engineering there. imo, it's a disgusting place at
the moment. i don't see a need for profanity, twisting the truth, personal 
insults (except for toby :-), or threats. 

>or are you an official moderator of

no. i created, but there is no moderator. i try to keep
it on-topic, which isn't easy at times. for instance, the turbine-blade
position sensor discussion showed up in for a long time.
yes, sun causes wind, but imo, it's a stretch to call that a practical use
of the sun's heat.


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