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re: is my builder shafting me with the ac unit he selected?
12 sep 2004
n. thornton  wrote:

>this thread is what happens when you ask the unclued for a simple
>direct answer. instead of giving one, or saying they dont know, they
>will question and insult anything they can to avoid dealing with the
>question, you included, especially you in fact.

i've noticed :-) but that's only part of the problem. another is that
sci.engr.heat-vent-ac was created only after a large usenet community
voting process approved the group for distribution with its present
10-year-old charter. i suppose that cannot be changed without another
vote, even though paul, don, bill and others would like to change it
and hijack the group into something different. i think of them as
nixonian creeps :-)

> is a mistake to think you can get answers to basic questions:
>expertise is about depth, when theres no expertise, theres no depth
>to the knowledge.

sci.engr.heat-vent-ac used to have lots of depth in the form of posters
like harriman, banfleth, and other university scientists and pes and
people who've written chapters in ashrae tech handbooks. i like to think
they are still out there and they may come back.  

>my answer to the original q is i dont know how to calculate it. its
>also not something of great significance to me personally. i know i
>did ask you before for a pointer or 2 on thermal calculations, but
>never got any, so i hold you entirely responsible for my ignorance :)

sorry, i don't recall any unanswered questions. ask again, if you like. 
i have a lot of time to help with questions like those :-)


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