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re: how reduce heating costs this winter
20 sep 2004
mark hittinger  wrote:

> writes:

>>any other ideas abt savings heating costs this winter that one could
>>do in a rental unit?
>check out the 3m window insulator kits - a thin sheet of plastic that tapes
>to your windows.  it makes a big difference here.  

or push tight-fitting foil-foamboard into some of the window frames...

>check your doors and see if you have a draft from the space at the bottom
>or the sides.

using a big window exhaust fan to make a draft, feel around window and
doorframes and where the walls touch the floor and under the sink and
other places and fix the air leaks with caulk that dries clear. 


  here is goldy having a sky party with her three friends, the polar bear
  family. goldy says the sky party is a "system" because goldy plus the
  three bears equals four entities (or star events), and it takes four events
  to produce a system. a system divides all the universe into six parts:
  all the universe outside the system (the macrocosm), all the universe
  inside the system (the microcosm), and the four star events a, b, c, d,
  which do the dividing... 

  insideness outsideness separation begins only with completion of the six
  interrelationship lines of the four separate entity-producing events. the
  four star events a, b, c, d, have six separate unique and most economical
  interrelationship lines ab, ac, ad, bc, bd, cd. these six lines and their
  four interconnected star-corners inadvertently produce four triangular
  facets of the minimum polyhedron--which four facets completely enclose
  the system to exclude the macrocosm and include the microcosm. a system
  consists at minimum of four nonsimultaneous but co-occurrent, because
  overlapping, yet dissimilarly beginning and enduring star entity-events 
  of six interrelationship lines and four nothingness-window-facets plus
  twelve unique intercovariant vertex angles--twenty-six conceptual,
  topological components of a system to which must be added the
  multiplicative, ultravisible, macrocosmic outsideness and infravisible,
  microcosmic insideness as well as the inseparably co-occurring inside
  concavity and outside convexity and the bipoled axis of rotation of all
  systems: for a total component inventory of thirty-two items. 

                         from tetrascroll
			 goldilocks and the three bears
                         a cosmic fairy tale by r. buckminster fuller

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