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re: how reduce heating costs this winter
21 sep 2004
eastward bound  wrote:

>sears on the other hand has a huge vareity of heat pumps in their catalog.

sears catalog? are you using a wayback machine?

>they even have a portable one with wheels at the bottom.  it's hot a rubber
>pipe that vents out any window and plugs into any 120v outset.  it's also
>got a tray on the bottom that you have to empty once it collects enough
>water from the condensation.

another option is to caulk a house very tight so the air gains humidity in 
wintertime from the people inside and their activities (about 2 gallons per
day for a family of 4) and use a dehumidifier in wintertime, which acts like
a heat pump with a 1.6 cop with no need for a pipe out the window. one might
sprinkle a basement floor with a solenoid valve and humidistat to make a
"ground source heat pump."

i wonder if someone makes a "portable ac" with a garden hose (or 2) that
goes out a window into some sort of fountain for cooling. 


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