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re: global worries (was: global warming)
15 may 1997
*        jade mountain appropriate technology news         *
*                      may, 1997                           *          

=>> united nations recommends cutting fossil fuel use by 50%

the united nations panel on climate change recommended that we immediately cut
our use of fossil fuels by at least half. to prevent the current rate from
increasing, we would have to cut by 60%... by 2050 over a million more people
dying each year from malaria because of higher mosquito populations due to
global warming. already yellow and dengue fever bearing mosquitoes are found
over 3000' higher than their normal range in south america.

other predicted results of global warming include expanding deserts, forest
fires, heat waves, crop failure, erosion, mud slides, mass extinction of
plants and animals, sea level increases causing flooding and damage to
coastal aquifers.

the us with 5% of the world's population creates 25% of the 7 billion tons
of carbon dioxide that causes 50% of the global warming trend. five tons
per capita per year! us oil consumption is now the highest since 1979.

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