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re: frugal heating this winter??
8 oct 2004
news  wrote:

>> ...i like the idea of thermal mass in the ceiling, (as in "the barra
>> system") where it can supply some radiant heat and be warmer than
>> the room (storing more heat than room temp mass) and allow night
>> setbacks. a room air thermostat and slow ceiling fan can control
>> the room temp.
>nick, what are where is the barra system?

thermosyphoning air heater panels below a spancrete ceiling, with hot
air flowing through spancrete channels. over 100 buildings around the
world, as of 1987. used for heating and cooling. very efficient and
comfortable. still being used and studied. googling produced a 2003
french paper with a mathematical model for economics and performance,
which might be improved with a solid or water-filled ceiling with
a low-e coating below.


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