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re: installing generator in the garage?
18 oct 2004
m ii   wrote:

>> well, both seemed to have forgotten any requirement for *cooling* air.
>> for this engine, that requirement is 2400 cfm...

i suppose that spec only applies in a small enclosure, with no other way
to remove the heat. a 12 kw generator might also make 12x4 = 48 kw of heat,
ie 164k btu/h, like 3 modest home furnaces. that would raise the temp of
a 2400 cfm airstream about 68 f, so the small enclosure might be 168 f
on a 100 f day... or are they saying the engine won't work outdoors, in
still air? :-) if outdoors is ok, how about grand central station, and
successively smaller enclosures...? in a large enough enclosure, the
generator needs no cooling air, since heat can dissipate by conduction
through the walls of the enclosure. 

>...i'd be tempted to keep as much of the heat as possible in the garage,
>to avoid paying heating costs.

sure. small generators make 4-5 times more heat power than electrical power,
measured in the same units. why waste it?

>is the weather bad when these outages are most likely to happen? if so,
>keep the heat.

cogen (using the heat) can make economic sense even without an outage.

>if the heat is not needed, i'd box in the generator set and vent for the 
>enclosure only.

and depressurize the enclosure, eg the garage, to keep co out of the house,
or depressurize a smaller box inside the garage, to keep co out of the garage.

a smaller box containing a 55 gallon water drum with the exhaust bubbling up
from a pipe full of holes might also have a fan blowing hot air on the engine,
something that keeps the fins as cool as they would be in still outdoor air
on a hot day, which may not be hard to do with hotter box air, since the fin
thermal conductance increases with airspeed (2+v/2 btu/h-f-ft^2 at v mph.)


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