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re: best low energy light bulbs in us?...
24 oct 2004
larry   wrote:

>i bought a 15w double u "homax" and a 22w spiral "vway" for $1 each at 
>our latest dollar store.  and, just like yours they are cool/daylight 
>white, and about 1/2 the brightness i would expect.

you might compare the output to an incandescent with robert wilhelm
bunsen's (1811-1899) "grease spot photometer." put a 3x5 card with
a grease spot between them and measure the distance to each bulb when
the spot disappears (when it is equally-illuminated from both sides
of the card.) the outputs are then proportional to the inverse square
of the distance. for instance, if the card is 19" from the cf and 21"
from the incandescent, the cf's output is 100(19/21)^2 = 82% of the

bunsen also "invented" the bunsen burner, after his lab tech c. desaga
developed it, after michael faraday did so much earlier :-)


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