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re: question on bathroom mold/mildew
30 oct 2004
phisherman   wrote:

>it is bad to vent moisture to the attic space...

no problem, with a bathroom fan, if the attic itself is well-vented.

>...your landlord is wrong about closing the window.

maybe not, if it's humid outdoors.

>keep the fan running for at least 30 minutes.

or use herbach and rademan's (800) 848-8001 
nice $4.95 navy surplus humidistat, their item number tm89hvc5203,
with a 20-80% range, a 3-6% differential, and a 7.5a 125v switch
that can be wired to open or close on humidity rise.

>water vapor constantly seeks lower temperature areas and moves away
>from higher temperature areas.

do you live on a planet with sentient water vapor? should we put wet
clothes in a freezer instead of a dryer so the vapor can seek its
way out faster? :-)


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