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re: how about a post about frugal living?
5 nov 2004
lou  wrote:

> wrote:

>> warnings on using unvented heaters are summarized here:
>> note that these do increase the humidity in the air without any
>> efficiency drain, and are about the only way of humidifying winter air
>> that doesn't break nicky's rule that humidifying air wastes energy.

evaporating a pound of water takes about 1000 btu. if we could burn fuel
without evaporating water (or condense it before it humidifies room air),
that would be more efficient. it seems to me the only way to humidify air
without wasting energy is to airseal a house, which can also save a lot
of heat energy. airsealing a house increases the indoor rh because houses
already contain natural humidity sources: people evaporate water (about
4 pounds per day) as a part of their everyday lives, by breathing, cooking,
cleaning and so on.

>...while it's accurate to say that evaporating water to humidify the air
>consumes energy, it's not necessarily accurate to say humidification is
>therefore a waste of energy.

a humidified house uses more energy than the same unhumidified house
with a slightly higher room air temp, despite the contrary assertion,
because houses leak air, which carries away water vapor. the energy
required to evaporate more water typically far exceeds the heat energy
saved by the lower room temp.

>people tend to run humidifiers because they feel more comfortable with
>them than without...

that is a different assertion, as are assertions regarding health, mold,
static electricity, and furniture-cracking, and it isn't supported by
ashrae-55's 21,000 worldwide survey participants, who would feel equally
comfortable with a lower rh and a slightly higher room air temp, while
using less overall energy.


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