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re: heating and humidy challenge
6 nov 2004
redphan  wrote:

>i practice yoga quite a lot.  however during winter i practically have to
>stop the practice because where we live its too dry and cold... i also
>tried a high output ultrasonic humidifier and this works reasonalby well
>although as the humidity increased the relative temperature decreased!!

quelle surprise.

>i am now thinking of getting a garage style propage/gas blower heater
>(basically a cylinder with a fan and gas feed).  these throw out about 10kw
>and as they burn gas, the output should be co2 and h2o vapour.

...9.8% of natural gas heat is water vapor. propage has 7.4%, kerosine 6.2%.
so a 30k btu/h natural gas heater would make 2940 btu/h of latent heat,
about 3 pounds per hour of water vapor.

>...i am guessing that with the gas heater i can get the temp to about
>35c (95f) which is what i want.

you must be a reptile, vs an ashrae human, 95.13% of whom would find 95 f
too hot (pmv = 2.59), even if naked (clo = 0) and sleeping (met = 0.8) vs
sitting (met = 1.0), standing (2.0), walking (3.4), or running (9.5) in
0% rh air. then again, sir turtle might find this icy cold.

>now all of these heaters come with a warning that they should only be used
>outdoors or in well ventilated areas.

the co2 might be a problem, if it got over 1% of the room air...

>1.  do these heaters do a good job of burning the gas completely or am i
>likely to have problems with carbon monoxide etc?

you should only get co2 and h2o, if everything's working right.

>2.  are there any good devices for measuring carbon monoxide etc?

nighthawk detectors. you might get two of them.

>3.  am i right in thinking that the humidity will increase as well due to
>the release of h2o?

it would, in an airtight room. it might also smell bad, and i think those
heaters are noisy. how about an 8' yogacube (tm) with 2 layers of us "r7.2"
1" double-foil polyiso board and a 1.5" airspace between them (about r2.6
for each ceiling airspace and 4 for each wall airspace), the conductance
would be about 8'x8'/r22 = 3 btu/h-f for the ceiling + 4x8'x8'/r26 = 10 for
the walls. you could keep it 95 f in a 70 f room with (95-70)13 = 325 btu/h,
eg you and a light bulb. for more humidity, add a teakettle. or dry clothes,
as in hebrides "warm rooms" for locals who stand outdoors in the rain.


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