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re: dehumidifier
15 nov 2004 wrote:

>> rh works if the outdoor temp is lower. otherwise, use absolute humidity,
>> ie ventilate when wo < wi, ie ln(ro/ri) < 9621(1/(460+to)-1/(460+ti)).
>> for example, if it's 70 f and 80% indoors and 80 f outdoors, ventilate
>> when ro < 0.8e^-0.336 = 0.57, ie the outdoor rh is less than 57%.
>i could kiss you for posting this formula.

that sounds nice :-)

>i don't wish to unpack my textbooks, couldn't remember it,
>and got a way_ too complex formula when i googled...

assuming wo < wi, ie

0.62198/(29.921/po-1) < 0.62198/(29.921/pi-1), with p in "hg, and

1/(29.921/po-1) < 1/(29.921/pi-1), and 

29.921/pi-1 < 29.921/po-1, and 

29.921/pi < 29.921/po, and 

1/pi < 1/po, and 

po < pi.

now, psat = e^(17.863-9621/t) "hg, with t in degrees rankine and 
a clausius-clapeyron approximation (caryn understands this), so 

roe^(17.863-9621/(460+to)) < rie^(17.863-9621/(460+ti)), and

roe^(-9621/(460+to)) < rie^(-9621/(460+ti)), and 

ln(ro) -9621/(460+to) < ln(ri) -9621/(460+ti), and 

ln(ro/ri) < 9621/(1/(460+to)-1/(460+ti)). qed.


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