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re: problem with winter dryness
21 nov 2004
gary r. lloyd  wrote:

>>>>so there are no health issues unless someone dies?

ashrae's "15 cfm per occupant" standard is designed to avoid health issues.
smoking, radon, and so on may require more. it's surprising how little hvac
"tech method gurus" know about ashrae ventilation standards. 

>>...saving iran is uppermost in my thinking too ... now can you please
>>explain why?

we've recently found more of our oil under their country. china did too, and
they are willing to pay for it, so now we feel a need to invade iran to stop
the spread of nuclear weapons and bring them the joys of democracy, by force. 

i'm just back from a bruderhof weekend. they picked me up at the rhinecliff
train station in one of their 10 used-french-fry-oil-powered diesel jettas. 
they kept the original diesel fuel tank and added a heated 5 gallon plastic
tank in the trunk. their newest versions switch to and from diesel to veg
automatically, with a 20 sec diesel fuel purge cycle as you turn the key off,
leaving diesel fuel in the system for easy starting.  


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