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re: problem with winter dryness
22 nov 2004
gary r. lloyd  wrote:
>>ashrae's "15 cfm per occupant" standard is designed to avoid health issues.
>>smoking, radon, and so on may require more. 
>for a family of four, that comes to 60 cfm.
>you have stated that miners have been shown to pass out at 5 cfm per
>person. for our family of four, that comes to 20 cfm.

these 19th century coal-mining experiments were an early basis
for ventilation standards.
>you advocate the canadian model, where the passive leakage is reduced
>to 2.5 cfm. then you would make up the difference by forced

sure. this also works in most of europe, and in many books on efficient
home design, eg the superinsulated home book, by nisson and dutt
(wiley and sons, 1985.)
>is this a fair representation of your position?

sure. it may be time now to look for better solutions instead of problems.


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