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re: problem with winter dryness
22 nov 2004
gary r. lloyd  wrote:

>what are the pros and cons of tighter construction with forced
>ventilation versus passive ventilation (leakage), assuming they both
>result in roughly the same amount of ventilation?

here's my opinion:

                          advantages             disadvantages

a) natural leakage        lower first cost       higher fuel consumption 
                          more reliable            in winter and summer
                          possibly better iaq:   can't use hrv
                            co, co2, h20 often   lower rh in winter
                            diluted with a       wet insulation and drywall
                            large flow of        possible wood rot, mold,
                            fresh air              and mildew inside walls 
                                                 no ventilation at all
						    on still mild days 

b) positive ventilation   more uniform fresh air
			    and temp distribution 
                            around the house
                          it's always easier to
                            bring air in than to
                            keep it out, turning 
                            b) into a) if needed...

nick (who just got a call from two lennox lawyers saying they may change
      the energy-savings claim on their humidifier web site "if it turns
      out to be inaccurate in the opinion of our engineers" :-)

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