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re: what amount of co2 carbon dioxide is reasonable in the home to
4 dec 2004
george e. cawthon  wrote:

>you are way too paranoid.  so you deal with the carbon monoxide from 
>the furnace.  now that it is fixed where are you going to get co, so 
>why do you have 3 detectors?  did you have a detector before the 
>furnace was fixed?  if not why didn't you die?  the fact is that 
>deaths due to co are relatively rare in homes and mostly confined to 
>people doing very stupid things and the small remainder are due to 
>extremely poor maintenance of fuel burning furnaces.

i knew someone on the ground floor of a nyc apt building who died of co.
last year, i woke up at 2 am to my co detector alarm and a headache and
went downstairs and found i had shoveled a few red coals out of the
woodstove and into the ash bucket... 

>...most houses leak a minimum of 10 percent volume per day, which 
>avoids any co2 build up.

most houses leak a min 10% per hour, but maybe not, on a still day
with equal indoor and outdoor temps. a 60% humidistat or 0.1% co2
detector might turn on a vent fan as needed.

>...there are co2 detectors available at a cost no much greater than
>a co detector.

where? the cheapest i've seen is about $500, vs a $40 co detector.
there may be a cheaper japanese co2 detector in the near future.

>and of course, you could have just bought one co detector and waited
>and go a co and a co2 combined detector for less than the cost of the
>other two co detector you bought.  these are becoming more and more
>common in the big box stores...

can you name one? :-)


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