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re: mobile changfa genset?
5 dec 2004
somebody   wrote:

>>>> i'm looking to purchase myself a changfa 22hp diesel engine...
>> ...22 hp is 16.4 kw, maybe 21.3 kw of heat, at 30% efficiency...

oops. maybe 22x746/0.3 = 55 kw or 188k btu/h of heat.

>my genset was going to be placed in another shed, close to my proposed
>shop location... 
>unless i can run the cooling lines for the genset a short distant, perhaps
>15-20 ft. and be able to switch in/out the heat radiantor for the shop and
>still have a cooling system for the genset. 


>if i run the genset cooling line to the shop for a heat source for cooler
>months will i still be able to take advantage of thermo-siphon effect for
>cooling the genset?

what thermosyphon effect? you might have a thermosyphoning "radiator" near
the ceiling, eg a 4'x16' box with 6" of water inside, with a slow ceiling
fan and thermostat to bring down warm air for the shop as required and
gable vents to the outdoors, wide open in summertime. with a heat capacity
c = 4x16x64/2 = 2048 btu/f, it might warm at a rate of 188k/c = 92 f/h.

the "radiator" might handle the entire heat load while boiling away
188/8.33 = 22 gph of water... 

>palit-daytona ti4200/64m agp

then again, january is the coldest month in daytona, with 282 degree days
and a 57.5 f average temperature with an average 68 max.


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