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re: simple solar garage door controller?
20 dec 2004
charles beener   wrote:

>>>i would use a 16f84a microchip and use the temperature sensor ds18b10
>>>1-wire digital temperature sensor they run around $4.50 each and you
>>>could connect up to 20 or so if need be to the same two wires. here is 
>>>the code for that.i didn't declare any variables in the source code but 
>>>that should get you started. the 16f84a has 12 bits of i/o eprom  and 
>>>ram build in.  it cost $4 it can be programmed with you serial port and
>>>a few other part. the assembler is mplab it will produce the hex code
>>>to program the pic. it is free from them. it has a great debugger in it
>>>also. to open and close the door have the pic drive a dip relay . they
>>>only take about 5ma. to operate.
>>>           list p=16f84a           ;  16f84a runs at 4 mhz
>>>           include ""
>>>           __config _pwrte_on & _xt_osc & _wdt_off  ; uses 10 mhz crystal
>>>           errorlevel -224        ;  supress annoying message from tris
>>>           errorlevel -302        ;  supress message from page change
>>>;  declar any varables needed
>>>    org 0
>>>     call init               ; initialize ports, set up timer
>>>    call   initds1820		; init ds1820
>>>     movlw  0cch      		; skip rom
>>>     movwf  o_byte
>>>     call   out_byte...
>> thanks! how much, and when can you deliver it?
>> nick
>if you reallllllllly need it nick i could do it.

great :-) thank you charles!

>but i really need more info on the project.  what kind of user interface ?
>lcd 1 to 4 line display with keyboard ? a pc serial interface ?

both :-)

>if so ? what do you want on the options and what do you want it to look like ?

it would automatically open a garage door with an existing electric opener
when the sun shines and close the door at night. the door would have clear
polycarbonate over the outside frame. we need a sun sensor (eg a thermostat
in a glass box) and an open-or-closed door position sensor (eg a reed switch
with a magnet) and a relay output that can short the garage door opener
button for 1 second (to simulate pushing the button.)

later, we might want to turn on an exhaust fan to keep the garage from 
overheating, and maybe turn on the fan at night in summertime for cooling,
when the outdoor temp is less than the indoor temp, and maybe turn on
the fan in spring and fall for heating when the outdoor temp is greater
than the indoor temp and the dew point of the outdoor air (as measured
with a humidity sensor) is greater than the indoor surface temps (to avoid
condensation on those surfaces.) onset ( sells a $22.31
sht75 12 bit digital combined rh and temp sensor intended for dew point

the last function could be valuable to many homeowners in controlling
a whole house fan vs an ac or furnace when weather conditions are suitable.
liz robinson of the philadelphia energy coordinating agency and professor
murray milne at ucla and jeff christian at oak ridge would love to get
their hands on a box like this. lots of people could use it for cooling
and heating and energy-efficient dehumidification. in the southwest, it
might control an indoor mister as well as the fan for evaporative cooling.

i would like to program it in basic (the dew point calculation could use
a logarithm function) and end up with a standalone box with a power supply
and a 4 character display and a keypad. i don't know much about pics, but
i have the impression it could be a 16f77 or 16f877a.

>your a person with a good head . you should be able to do this 
>project in less than a week after you get the parts . right ?

maybe a month :-) but i'd rather do incidence angle calculations for
evacuated tube collectors or help people solar heat houses. 

thanks again,


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