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re: drying process calculations
23 may 1997
muntersnw  wrote:

>i don't know anything about sawdust driers,

neither do i, and i didn't even see the original posting, but opine we will,
in traditional

>but i can say that you want an open loop for a system like this.

nonono. well, maybe, sort of.

>the drying process is, in part, the effect of vapor pressure differential.

mostly, no?

>if you recycle the saturated air, the vapor pressure is higher than, and
>will eventually reach equilibrium with the sawdust. as you approach
>equilibrium, the drying time will increase.

sounds right.

>use a fresh, dry air stream.

how about bringing in some outdoor coldish, dryish air through the center 
of 2 concentric ducts, with no insulation between them, then further warming
it to dry the sawdust, whilst blowing the damp warm air back out through the
outer (insulated) duct, so most of the water vapor from the warm air condenses
on the outside of the inner duct and drips out the end of the outer duct, and
some latent and sensible heat are recovered?


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