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re: 20 reasons to live in a tent
28 may 1997
valarie cook  wrote:
> (martin murillo) writes:
>>1) no house payments
>>2) no rent (see above)
>>3) no home owners insurance
>> .
>> .
>> .
>>20) no shit!
>this is not accurate.  you forgot:
>21) no indoor plumbing

suppose the tent is a $2,000 30x100' commercial plastic film greenhouse set up
in a field by three people in one day, and the average 240 gallons/day of rain
(4" per month, where i live) that falls on the roof runs into a catch basin,
then gets lifted up by a tiny electric pump into an indoor water wall serving
as cistern, ballast foundation and thermal storage, from which it descends by
gravity to operate toilets and showers and sinks and such, which empty into
an indoor reed bed, earthship-style...

>i actually know someone who lived in a tipi for a couple of years.  here
>are some of the things he said about tent living...

>23) no electricity

a windmill above one endwall?

>24) cook over a fire

let's see... if "cooking" meant boiling 10 gallons of water per day, we'd need
about 10x8x(212-52) = 12,800 btu or about 3.75 kwh/day, which might come from
an air-303 windmill making 375 watts for 10 hours/day. a 50% efficient 600 watt
microwave oven running 1/2 hour/day only needs 0.6 kwh/day...

>25) no telephone (he was too far out in the countryside for a cell
>    phone, at least in those days)

interdigital radiotelephones... 

>26) interesting experiences during thunderstorms

inflate the two layers of polyethylene film with a tiny blower, or put a
vertical rope strap over the outside of one layer of film between each
pair of steel pipe hoops on 4' centers.

>27) eventually, the tent rots and has to be replaced. 

cloudy poly film costs 5 cents/ft^2, has a 4-year guarantee, should last 10
with a layer of shadecloth over it in the summer, comes in very large pieces,
eg 40' x 150' rolls, takes an hour to change on a calm day, and is recyclable.
bayer's new very clear duraflex 7018 urethane film costs 36 cents/ft^2, has a
10 year guarantee, comes in rolls up to 15 feet wide (soon 20'), and is
chemically compatible with pvc pipe structures, according to randy brinkman
at (412) 777-3837.


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