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re: fuel cell cogen
24 feb 2005
news  wrote:
>in the uk power companies are subsidising the installation of grid tied
>cogen stirling mchp, micro combined heat & power, now the official buzz word
>here for single one residence units.  this gives them a distributed power

under a kitchen counter, powered by natural gas.

>one idea is for the supply company to remotely bring them in at peak demand,
>if need be. this requires a thermal store to store the excess heat.  the peak
>time for heating and dhw just happens top fall in line with peak electricity
>demand, so it may sort itself out.
>the stirling units produce 8kw of heat and 1.1kw of electricity.  to produce
>1 kw is approx 90% efficient and less than 2/5 of the harmful emissions of
>grid produced, which is only 30-40% efficent in total.

as i recall, this came from john corey and his friends at the clever fellows
invention consortium in troy, ny, usa. when will we see it in the us? :-)


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