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re: heat engine
2 mar 2005
offgridman  wrote:

>hi ya nick,

hi ya offgridman,

>i have ceiling fans, three in the cabin now. one in the bedroom and two
>in the living area...

good. you might add occupancy sensors. 

>...i would like to learn more of your licl solar still on the roof idea.

the basic idea is to distill water out of a licl solution during the day and
let it absorb water vapor from house air at night. this could dehumidify an
airtight house, with some potential for cooling as water evaporates indoors.

>cabin is 24ftx24ft r 19 ceiling with a air channel in between the
>rafters of 1inch in depth below the metal roofing between the 24 inch
>on center ceiling joists. this channel funnels air from the 24inch
>overhanging eaves to the ridge vent. the cabin has running full length
>down the inside continous ridge vent that allows hot air to vent freely
>up through the roof and out under the ridge.

so that keeps the roof cooler, without exchanging indoor and outdoor air?
what color is the roof?

>the ceilings are cathedral and the peak is 17.5 ft and the exterior
>side walls are 10 ft tall. the building  gable end faces ssw with two
>8x6 glass doors and one 3x5 window. all insulated glass. there are two
>windows on the east wall 2x5 and one 2x2 window on the north wall.

with overhangs or other shading? how much insulation in the walls? 
how airtight is your cabin? i'd blower-door test it before licling.


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