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re: a domestic hot water heater using a horizontal solar heated pond
19 mar 2005

>> a south-tilted wall to the north might boost winter performance and
>> avoid summer overheating.
>i like the idea installing the pond collector against the existing
>south wall of the house.  the cover/reflector support and actuation
>might then be integrated with the wall...

that could help, although i was thinking about the simple reflector wall
geometry needed to get the most hot water in wintertime without overheating
problems in summertime, for a pond without a cover. it might produce 50k
btu/h per day of water heating on an average day in january and july. a
reflective wall like that might be tilted to the south. what's the best
height and tilt, from basic solar geometry or a tmy2 simulation?

>> one of steve baer's "teeter-totters" might open and close a lid...

>...have to think about how the lid could be balanced well enough to use this.

it might have well-oiled hinges on the north edge and counterweights
attached to horizontal beams that extend north from the hinges. 


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