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re: should i consider a swamp cooler?
17 jun 2005
desertbob   wrote:

>>>it's essential for effective adiabatic cooling to maintain positive 
>>>static pressure...
>>i disagree. 
>ah, here's were experience takes precidence.
no. here's where you change the subject :-)

>if you use the already-named essick rotobelt with a polyplastic
>endless belt of filter media, the filtration efficiency...

we doan need no steenkeeng polyplastic.

>>removing the water vapor takes c cfm of exhaust air, where
>>p = 60c0.075(wc-wa) = 4.5c(0.012-0.0087) = 0.01485c, ie c = 67.3p
>>on an average 75.7 f july day in sacramento. 
>trust me...

no thanks.

>...having worked in sacramento more than a few times...swampies
>do not work effectively there on a typical delta summer's day!

they work a lot better at night, with 58.1 vs 93.2 f air.
if 1000(0.012-0.0087) = 0.24(t-80), t = 93.75. not much margin.

>you cite the average, but the peak is what is of concern.

the peak requires ac or coolth storage, eg a slab.

>>with a 66.9 f average night temp, moving 100 cfm of outdoor air through
>>a 70 f house would provide about 100(70-66.9) = 310 btu/h of cooling.
>>evaporating 0.01485x100 = 1.485 lb/h of water would provide another
>>1485 btu/h, for a total of 1795 btu/h, with a = 10x1.485/(1.033-0.0566)
>>= 32 ft^2 of floorslab, approximately. a 90 watt $55 lasko 2155a 16"
>>2470 cfm window box fan could provide 44.3k btu/h (3.7 tons) of cooling
>>with 36.7 pounds of water per hour evaporating from a 700 ft^2 slab. 
>nice theorheticals, but it won't work in practice.  neither will a
>portable swampie...

i disagree.


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