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re: new thoughts on basement mildew
9 jul 2005
stretch  wrote:

>based on long term data logger use here, the times when ventilation
>will work is from the middle of otober to the middle of march.

we've been through this before. nrel says wilmington nc has a 63.4 f
deep ground temp, with these long-term averages...

                 apr    may    jun    jul    aug    sep    oct

avg daily max    74.0   80.8   85.4   88.5   87.6   85.2   76.9 f
humidity ratio   0.0080 0.0114 0.0147 0.0168 0.0167 0.0142 0.0099
vapor pressure   0.380  0.539  0.691  0.787  0.782  0.668  0.469 "hg
dew point        56.7   60.6   67.7   71.5   71.3   66.7   56.7 f

>basically late fall, all winter and early spring.  during that time,
>you may need to worry about freezing pipes.

no. during that time, we'd move air near the basement floor upstairs
vs outdoors to store dryness in the basement. 


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