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re: energy transfer systems.
12 jul 2005
daestrom  wrote:

>> i've read that lowering the firebox temp makes combustion less complete,
>> with more unburned combustable products and more pollution in the exhaust.
>> it's basic "woodstove thermaldynamics" :-)
>hmm.... 'basic thermo[al]dynamics' uh, yeah.

in the words of me@shadow.orgs...
>most commercial boilers are lined with 'water-wall' tubes.  these tubes 
>block the radiant energy from the fire from reaching the fire-brick behind 
>the wall tubes and collect the energy in water.  i'm sure the thermodynamics 
>of this are an improvement over standard fire-brick-only boiler walls.

i'm not.

>lining the walls with tubing to collect heat does little to reduce the 
>temperature of the flame and its combustion efficiency.

i disagree.

>putting a coil in the flow path of combustion gasses can be different.  if 
>it cools the gasses significantly, you may have a problem with condensing 
>all sorts of volital components...

we want to condense volital components.


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