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re: "sweaty" cold water supply pipe
23 jul 2005
stretch  wrote:

>nick, according to my calculations, there 5.3 cubic inches of water in
>a foot of pipe, that is equal to .0229 gallons. at 8.33 pounds per
>gallon, that is .191 pounds of water per foot of pipe.

we all seem to agree on that.

>assume 10 feet of 3/4" pipe that sweats that is 1.91 pounds of water.

and that...

>to warm that from 40 degrees incoming temperature to 70 degrees, at
>1 btu times 30 degrees times 1.91 pounds = 57.3 btus.


>at 8 cents per therm (100,000 btus)...

you can buy oil for 8 cents a gallon? :-)

>the cost savings gained by leaving the insulation off is.0045 cents
>every time you have to warm the water in the pipe.

i make this 0.115 cents at $2/gallon.

>if the people in the house use the water 40 times each day, the total
>savings per day is .183 cents per day...

and 4.6 cents/day.

>times 30 days per month is 5.49 cents (per month)...

and $1.37/month.

>nick, that is not enough to worry about.  even if you allow for
>inefficiencies, it is still less than 10 cents per month.  nick,
>that is not worth the time i just spent on it.  or do i need to write
>that into a basic program to get the point across to you?

you might check your math for glaring errors and read more carefully. 
i said this savings is small compared to warming an active pipe with
condensation, which might save 20% on a water heating bill. 

and you might modify your arrogant attitude and be more polite.
apologizing is optional.


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