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re: fao  nicholson e pine
26 jul 2005
janet baraclough   wrote:

>   dear mr pine

ms. baraclough...
>   your response to my post here on misc rural in the thread re london 2
> arrived in my private email.

one line, wondering if the man shot by the london police carried explosives. 

at the address you publicly posted... i avoid posting my real email address
to avoid spam. i'd be happy if you did so as well. it seems to be changing,
but email is the _preferred_ means of responding to postings, according to
basic usenet etiquette.

>  it will surely attract far more attention to your business in america
>if your email comments are reposted here in public view where your
>compatriots can appreciate them.  i  look forward to seeing your views
>along with your sig here in public next time, and hope there will be no
>hard feelings.

no hard feelings, despite your insults and sarcasm.

nicholson  l.  pine

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