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re: portable solar power
29 aug 2005

>>rather high, compared to the 4 watt mt. best chest fridge conversion.
>the chest fridge conversion really interest me and is
>something i will try once i build my own cabin.


>has anyone else tried it? had success with it?

the mt. best version seems to work well, altho it would be nice to have
a small freezer compartment, with some ice cream and ice cubes and ice
vs battery coolth storage. looks like the best we can do with standard
us components is about 18 watts average for a $400 machine, vs 60 for
the best available fridge, which costs more, with more features and less
floorspace. a 24h(60-18) = 1 kwh/day saving might be worth 250wx$8=$2k
in an off-grid pv home...


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