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re: i think that french verb conjugation is as simple as, if not simpler
30 aug 2005
madame grammarperson  wrote:

>> >je suis, tu es, il/elle est, nous sommes, vous etes, ils/elles sont.
>> >j'ai, tu as, il/elle a, nouse avons, vous avez, ils/elles ont.
>>                         // 
>> elles ont mange' un nouse au chocolat?
>another instance of posts containing the seeds of their own doom.  i noticed
>it as soon as i hit send and hoped that nobody else would :-(  what's a

see "nouse avons," above. sans doute, elles prefererent un _mousse_ au choc.

>> then again, wwii basic english has simple grammer and a mere 800 words
>> useful to pacific islanders, like "howitzer."

>i think we could all get along with just "where is the bathroom, please?"

i'm not sure "bathroom" was a basic word, altho the islanders might have said 
"where is the howitzer, please?"


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