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re: a refrigerator on a $45 hf inverter?
6 sep 2005
steve spence   wrote:

>a typical electric fridge might use 3.9 kwh (13306 btu) / 24 hour 
>period, or .24 gallons of propane (21745 btu).
>propane  	91,330 btu/gallon
>electricity  	3,412 btu/kwh
>if i paid $1.66 / gallon for propane i'd pay $0.40 / day, my neighbor 
>who pays $0.15 / kwh would pay $0.58 / day.
>of course, a $8000 pv system might keep this fridge powered for "free"...

or... throw away the typical fridge and buy whirlpool's eh151 14.8 ft^3 $369
chest freezer and add johnson controls' $62 a419abc-1c digital thermostat
(anyone seen it cheaper?) so it uses 0.37 kwh/day at 36 f, ie an average of
15.3 watts, and power it with $759 worth of pvs, totaling $1190, with ice
vs battery overnight cool storage.


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