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re: pellet stove
20 sep 2005
roger taylor  wrote:

>"yepp"  wrote in message 

>> with the price of natural gas going up i'm wondering how efficient it 
>> would be to supplement my forced air furnace with one of these pellet 
>> stoves. i would guess that the price of pellets or corn will go up too 
>> with gas prices going up delivery has to follow suit...
>...i suspect pellet types are also more expensive to run than a wood stove.

that depends on how you value labor.

>all you have to do is compare cost and btu yield from pellets vs wood...

my friend's grandfather is quite happy with his new $7500 corn stove.
he bought some moldy corn for $1.50 per bushel (vs about $2 for good
corn), and says it's equivalent to 4 gallons of oil. the stove has
been burning non-stop for the last 3 weeks making hot water for showers,
etc. it has an automatic feed and needs ashes removed about once a week.
some pellet stoves have concentric chimneys with air-air heat exchangers
and an efficient low flue temp and don't need conventional chimneys.

corn seems more convenient than pellets, if delivered in bulk, but it's
hard to believe it's so much cheaper than oil. maybe that has something
to do with ag subsidies. and a corn plant seems like a very large and
inefficient way to produce an ear or two of corn, with lots of water and
herbicides and cultivation and fertilizer. maybe we should burn soybeans
instead. they are round and might bridge less in a hopper.


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