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re: electric baseboard heat bad?
23 oct 2005
daestrom  wrote:

>>...the net cop is about 1.6.
>were do you get this particular number?

from a fairly new kenmore dehumidifier with a kwh meter and a measuring cup.

but air conditioning a basement seems more efficient, and acs cost less, and
they can be used all year, and they don't require an air-air heat exchanger. 

at 54.3 f (phila deep ground) and 100% rh, pw = e^(17.863-9621/(450+54.3))
= 0.430 "hg. at 60% rh with 100apw(1-0.6) = 5340 btu/h (an ashrae swimming
pool formula), we might keep a $69 10.2 eer daewoo ac busy with a = 310 ft^2
of basement floor.


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