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re: insulation options
25 oct 2005
snydley wrote:

> i just had a 28' x 40' pole barn built with a gambrel roof. i want to
> insulate it...

i wonder why.

> is not "framed in" on the inside.

just poles and purlins? how about 1" "r6.8" double-foil polyiso board?

around phila, 4'x8' sheets cost about $16. with air gaps, the foils add
about r3 to each side. you might glue square 1x3 spacers to the back with
gobs of spray foam from a can, let that harden, then stick the board to
the inside of the metal siding with more spray foam and foil-tape the seams.

for more cheapth, you might screw 2"x4" welded-wire fence to the inside of
the poles with 1x3 cap strips and fill the 6" space between the fence and
the siding with plastic bags containing dry leaves. 

then add gary reysa's $350 160 ft^2 solar barn heater, described at and in the oct/nov issue of homepower magazine.
you maybe store solar heat in thermal mass under a foil ceiling. 


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