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re: quick built shelter?
26 oct 2005
harry k  wrote:
>rt wrote:
>> wrote:
>> >... planning to move midwest early next year.

omaha, where 540 btu/ft^2 of sun falls on the ground and 990 falls on
a south wall on an average 24.4 f december day with a 32.9 daily max?

>> >won't have big bucks for a house to be built soon, but looking at
>> >something simple and small for the first 24 months...

how about a plastic film greenhouse?

>> >... yes, i admit, i'm cheap.

three people can put up a $700 14'x96' greenhouse kit in a field in a day.

>> ...$1500 would not buy very much material, no plumbing, no electric.

a 20'x24' id greenhouse might have 7 $10 20'-diameter semi-circular bows
on 4' centers, each using 8 8' 1x3s. screw 1x3 spacer blocks every 2' to 4,
bend them to a 10' radius, bend 4 more and screw them onto the blocks to
make a curved sandwich, add 3 24' 1x3 purlins between the bows, cover them
with a $38 24'x32' piece of 4-year uv greenhouse polyethylene film, and add
endwall framing on 4' centers with another 314 ft^2 ($16) of poly film.

then add another greenhouse around it, 1' larger, and fill the space between
them with r36 bags of mulch, dry leaves, etc, with a few voids for windows.

>> consider trying to find a small (very small) travel trailer or a truck
>> camper (if you have a truck) that has lead a hard life but still has a
>> functional water tank, gray and black water tanks sufficient that you
>> need dump only once or so per week, a propane stove, heater and fridge
>> and a set of batteries so you can have some light at night...
if 0.9x24x(540x5.5+990x9.5) = 268k btu of sun enters the lower third of the
south wall over 6 hours on an average december day and 6h(t-24)276ft^2/r1
leaves it during the day and 18h(65-24)276/36 leaves it at night and
24(t-24)276/36 leaves the ceiling and 24(65-24)276/36 leaves the north wall
and 24(65-24)314/36 leaves the endwalls, t = 159 f inside the south wall
and near the ceiling during the day :-) well, maybe 130, given windows and
radiation loss from the south wall. 

if c btu/f of ceiling mass is 130 f on an average day and cools to 75 over
5 24 f cloudy days while providing 5x24(65-24)1082/36 = 148k btu of heat,
c = 148k/(130-75) = 2689, eg 2689/62 = 43 ft^3 of water in 2 $12 20'x30"
poly film ducts laid flat 4' wide with 3" of water inside, over foil (to
avoid overheating the space below) over wire fence under the ceiling.

>while you can get a shell of something up for that budget you are stuck
>for a heat source, lighting...

solar heat, and poly film "windows," and a few pv panels and cfs...

>cooking/washing facilities.

the propane stove, and gravity fed hot water? the 130 f ceiling water might
help distill wastewater in a duct with holes near the top surrounding the
inner duct, with another duct around that to condense it and no loss of heat
to the outdoors. 

>campers come with all that included.

and solid walls and doorlocks, vs mad dogs and a chain link/razor-wire fence.


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