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sun-dried tomatoes
28 sep 1997
wash 2 buckets full of tomatoes and cut them horizontally into 1/4" slices. 
wring out most of the juice and seeds by squeezing a few slices at a time 
in each hand, and lay the tomatoes on top of a screen door resting on a few
chairs in a sunspace (you do have a sunspace, don't you?) close the sunspace 
vents and windows and doors to the house so the sunspace temperature rises
to 130 f during the day. wait 3 days.

tomatoes seem to sun/warm-air-dry well because they are acidic, which tends
to inhibit mold, i think, and squeezing the slices makes nice ventilation
holes for better airflow.

i suppose this would also work for apples, peaches, apricots, peppers, etc.


(now what do i do with the other 2 acres of leftover tomatoes?) 

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