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re: 3+ master's programs
15 oct 1997
bob f. goodfield  wrote:

>i have an advanced degree in the physical sciences and want to change 
>careers back to my first love: architecture. how are the 3+ master's
>programs for folks with a non-architecture backgrounds viewed in the 
>field? is a ba more respected? any other options worth noting?

robert bennett acquired a ba in architecture and a pe, after working at ge
for years with an ms in space physics, and switched to a successful career
in designing energy-efficient buildings. he was also national coordinator
for the american solar energy society. 
>  i'm interested in a more practical, less theoretical school. my 
>interest is primarily in residential home design...

typical "passive solar heated houses" are only about 30% solar heated, outside
of the southwest. like america's cup boats with outboard motors... meanwhile, 
norman saunders, pe, has designed lots of 100% solar heated houses in cold,
cloudy new england. so there's lots of room to improve solar house heating,
with engineering, using numbers. noaa/nrel sells cds with hourly historical
solar weather data for the last 30 years for 249 us cities. it seems to me
that anyone with an understanding of physics and some basic computer skills
can use this to verify that a passive solar house will be 100% solar heated. 


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