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re: cool tower alternatives
21 nov 2005
abby normal  wrote:

>you are someone trying to prove you have re-invented and 'improved'

nope. i've proved it, altho it's pretty obvious to people who understand
basic physics. you seem to be trying to understand the "proof." good luck.
it seems to me you are having a hard time thinking beyond wet bulb temps
and swamp coolers. i'd say it's mostly an attitude problem: arrogance...
>the water vapour pressure for 80f at 84 grains is close enough.

in hvac priesthood mumbo-jumbo, 84 grains makes the humidity ratio wi
= 84/7000 = 0.012 pounds of water per pound of dry air, exactly. close
enough? :-) the vapor pressure inside the house pi = 29.921/(1=0.62198/wi)
= 0.566 "hg. this "non-standard equation" (21) is on page 6.12 of the 1993
ashrae handbook of fundamentals. it is neither rocket science nor new...
0.62198 is the ratio of the molecular weight of water to the molecular
weight of dry air... 29.921 "hg is the standard atmospheric pressure.
john dalton (1766-1844) probably discovered this, as a part of his law
of partial pressures. 

>i do not have the 2004 version of the ashrae standard...

too bad.

>but with your revolutionary discovery, 78f with rh under 60% should be

nothing revolutionary, i'd say, altho any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic, and people have different personal definitions
for the word "advanced." sure, 78 f at 60% is attainable in the right climate.
so is 80 f at 54%, which is also within the ashrae 55-2004 comfort standard. 

shall we continue with this basic physics, as simple seekers of truth?

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